What Is Wild Wanderers?

We are a Forest School business based in the heart of Devon, situated between Exeter and Tiverton. We offer outdoor education for schools, groups, families Scout organisations, fun packed day activities, outdoor camping, social events, team-building and skills training.

The school is based on the principles and ethos of the Forest School; inspiring and encouraging a strong individual independence, self-esteem and self-confidence whilst exploring the freedom and well-being outdoor life offers.

The site is situated in the depths of a magical old wood that offers everybody a chance to escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life. The woods are located in 300 acres of untamed land where the buzzards soar high above you and the silence is a healing force. The land is Duchy owned and the farm run by Robert and Jane Lammie, who've planted many different trees over the years, that now have developed into a wondrous educational site for children and others.

Our aim is to embrace what nature has to offer in any type of weather. We can cater for any experience and our sessions are fully supervised and personalised to cater for your needs.

Meet the Leader


Hi, I'm Phillipa and I was born in the late 60's in Sussex. At 19 I decided to travel around the world and lived in Australia for 7 years, 2 of which were in the outback near Whyndham N.S.W. As a child I spent many hours in the woods behind our house or out on the wetlands with friends in Somerset. My fondest memories are of playing endless games outside with my two sisters or walking with my dad on the moors, and mum always having a delicious warming meal waiting for us on our return.

In the mid 90s I received an Honours degree in education and started to teach in Primary schools.I have worked with children that have had severe behavioural problems, and have enjoyed my time working with kids that have been fostered and felt betrayed by the world and their parents.

My life changed considerably when I got involved with the local Scouting group and started to work outside again. I observed and noticed that children and adults enjoyed and embraced the world outside instead of being glued to game stations, television and the relentless computer world.

I have laughed and smiled so much with the people I have met through this group and I have met some fantastic people on the way who have helped me set out on an amazing adventure.

I am now a Forest School Practitioner and spend my time finding ways of educating youngsters in bush-craft and nature awareness through the national curriculum in schools. I encourage young and old to embrace the woods and its secrets, and it would seem the woods in return have a lot to give back to boost self confidence, self esteem, happiness, self contentment and respect for the world around us.

It is important that we remember that wondrous places that are magical, can offer everybody something special, so we must look after Mother Nature so in return She can continue to show, and share, Her magic to humankind.


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