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In developing the strategy for “Every child matters”, It has been suggested that natural environments can help promote mental well-being in young people

Much of the research to date has been generated is suggesting natural settings can promote psychological restoration in children, particularly cognitive restoration.

Restoration is a term that refers to the process of recovery from a depleted physiological, psychological and/or social resource. In children, Wells (2000) has shown that playing in natural settings can improve concentration and act as a buffer to stress (Wells and Evans 2003).

Faber Taylor and Kuo (2008) have shown a reduction in the symptom severity of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in young people who engage in activities in green, open space. Nature is also known to raise mood in children (Faber Taylor and Kuo 2008) and improve self-discipline (Faber Taylor et al 2002). In this research, the evidence base within a U.K. context is extended, specifically, to explore whether forest settings could offer psychological benefits to adolescents with varying emotional needs.

Wildwanderers is a leader in therapeutic and skill-building outdoor experiences for vulnerable adults and young people. At the heart of these different projects is the Forest School ethos.

We are experienced in helping people of all ages to improve their mental and physical well-being through engagement with the natural world. Hands-on outdoor activities bring many benefits, including improved self-esteem, confidence and resilience, and a sense of re-connection.

Sessions are run in small, supervised groups and participants are involved in a variety of nature based activities such as:

  • Green woodworking
  • Foraging and walking in the silent woods
  • Building camp fires
  • Cooking and sharing an outdoor lunch

Those who are not feeling up to socialising can relax by the campfire or take walk in the forest.

Please email, text or phone me about any questions you might want to ask. We can discuss the different type of Forest School packages we offer for private groups or specific individual requests and cost.

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